ACCORDTM - Automated clinical coding output review dashboard

Designed by clinical coding auditors to assess data quality achieved against National Standards, this application transforms your coded-data assessments from being a labour-intensive activity to an automated process.

Users of the application remain in complete control of their coded records, through a local upload of the coded data file, all records are assessed by the system in a matter of minutes.

Importantly, due to ease and speed of use, the application permits frequent reviews of data quality throughout the monthly clinical coding cycle. This contributes to smoothing the workload in the run up to flex and freeze.

Currently, audit processes extend to examining samples of data only. With ACCORD™ you can process all coded data sets. This approach offers a comprehensive overview on coding quality for entire data sets.

Processing your data in this way frees up time for the Audit team and repositions them to focus on DQ initiatives, identifying training needs among the coding team and assuring Trusts they are accurately recording patient spells and assuring they have an accurate picture on income.

Put simply, the system undertakes the review normally conducted by an auditor, but covering all data records, and in turn providing all the answers to the routine questions. The output reports highlight:

  • Where coding has deviated from national standards,
  • Procedures that are incompletely coded, e.g., site is missed,
  • Potential procedures missed based on combination of diagnoses coded,
  • Occurrences of over-coding, excess codes,
  • Signs and symptoms coded in place of confirmed diagnoses, e.g., septic shock; sepsis may have been missed,
  • Incomplete coding, e.g., dual coding where codes are missed.