How do I become a clinical coder?

- A background and knowledge of healthcare is required to become a clinical coder

- If you have a requisite background, the first step is to attend a clinical coding foundation course, which is available online

- After this, coders must take a Clinical Coding Refresher Course every three years and attend clinical coding specialty workshops in order to keep up with the current coding standards

- CEC Healthcare can support you through this process

What is the national qualification?

- The only nationally recognised qualification for clinical coders is the National Clinical Coding Professional Qualification (NCCQ)

- To become an Accredited Clinical Coder you must have at least two years of coding experience as well a pass both the practical and theory examination papers

- CEC Healthcare can help you complete the necessary training and acquire the essential skills and work experiences needed in order to achieve the accreditation

What is the coding lifecycle?

- Patient notes & DS completed by clinician

- Coders assign ICD-10 code

- Coders assign OPCS code

- Information team pushes coded data through grouper to generate HRG

- HRG grouped activity is then assigned a cost

- Hospital receives payment at national tariff level

What coding materials do I need to be a healthcare coder?

- CEC Healthcare will provide you will all the necessary support and resources to be able to code, these include the latest versions of the OPCS-4 and ICD-10 books, as well as secure access to hospital systems

Why should I work for CEC Healthcare?

- Location independent working and flexible working arrangements to fit in with your own lifestyle

- Performance-based remuneration

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