clinical coding

CEC Healthcare Coding was formed in 2014 in response to the growing demand for effective clinical coding resources. Often, coding teams are faced with staff shortages, through planned and unplanned absence. Often, staff leave the service, and there can be difficulties in locating replacement team members.

Above all, clinical coding management seek certainty on delivery, month-in, month-out. Certainty extends to completing coding for a high percentage of patient discharges, ensuring output is maintained throughout the reporting period, and that the depth and quality of coding reaches the highest standard.

CEC works collaboratively with clinical coding teams. We guarantee the volume and quality of work undertaken. Importantly, pricing is based upon productivity and customers pay for actual coding work delivered. Contracts provide flexibility in monthly volumes and coding is provided as a managed service. CEC provides an important buffer, able to support customers in taking on increased workloads at short notice.