Clinical Coding Support

Healthcare Coder

All customers are supported on a remote managed service basis, with services tailored to meet local need. A team of ACC qualified clinical coders is assigned to each contract, and the team structure is determined by the mix of specialties concerned and the volume of patient episodes involved. Typically, clinical coders possess a minimum of six years’ experience operating within the NHS.

Services can focus on single specialties, such as endoscopy, oncology, obstetrics, or provide clinical coding for the complete range of medical services offered.

CEC works to national standards and accommodates local policy where required. In all cases we use best practice and code to IG level 3 standards, or match the levels achieved by the in-house team. As standard, we work in step with customer in-house coding teams, coding against a fluctuating volume, month-on-month. To achieve this, we establish a “ways of working” fact sheet per customer. This is shared with the in-house team members and acts as a reference guide. We develop and improve the guide throughout the contract term, to reflect best practice working.

Central to service quality, CEC has developed key knowledge in the management of remotely located clinical coders and contract delivery techniques. Know-how extends to lists management, communications with customers and techniques in meeting monthly volume targets.

Keeping customers informed on progress against lists, and sharing quality points in a pro-active way, greatly assists the cohesion between coding team members. This behaviour aids CEC to operate as a natural extension to the in-house team.

Quality is further underpinned by the team structures we have in place and coding reviews conducted by team leaders. Each team is responsible for policing its quality and ensuring best practice understanding is shared across all team members. Performance matrices are maintained by team leaders, showing volumes coded and error levels. Interventions are made based upon quality and error rates.

Importantly, we have in place our own training and audit functions. Refresher training is undertaken every three years. Audit sampling is carried out, and feedback supplied to team leaders as part of team performance reviews.

The speed of set up is a feature of service delivery. From contract signature, experience shows that services are typically up and running within a two-week period. Using stringent programme management and risk assessment, we consistently cut over to live running, on time, and achieve steady state within a few weeks of going live. Set up entails a one-day onsite training and induction process. During this session, remote clinical coding procedures and connectivity are signed off, to enable service commencement.

CEC is familiar in working with a wide range of administrative and electronic patient information / record systems (PAS / EPRs). We fully understand NHS’ network access policy requirements, the login process, the use of a smart cards, etc., along with VPN connectivity. Data access is strictly controlled and processes accord with Data Protection Legislation, including the EU GDPR.

Whether you wish to a) overcome a backlog, b) have a remedy to maintaining staffing levels, c) reduce reliance on contract agency staff, or d) completely transform your coding services, we can ensure that your exact requirements will be met.

CEC has developed a set of principles in the delivery of remote clinical coding services, as follows:

  • Operate to best-practice standards in the delivery of remote clinical coding services; best practice is constantly reviewed based upon clinical coding contract outcomes achieved
  • Work to National Standards and accommodate local policies as required
  • Always keeping abreast of and working to data protection and information governance requirements, to inform operations as a data processor
  • Provide services of the highest quality; measured by customer satisfaction ratings
  • Maintain a workforce comprising highly skilled individuals, through quality of recruitment and on-going education
  • Work collaboratively with customers; building a reputation as a reliable, trusted service partner, delivering accurate, complete and timely clinical coding
  • Services represent excellent value for money; operating within NHS pay bands
  • Behave in a transparent way; always honest, always clear when communicating
  • Foster a working environment that is safe
  • Enable staff to flourish and deliver to full potential
  • Always deliver on promises