Coder Resourcing

medical coderOne of the challenges facing healthcare organisations is the ability to find a sufficient number of qualified medical coders. Currently the demand for coders far outstrips supply and high attrition rates are being experienced as coders move to seek improvements in their remuneration.

This imbalance in demand and supply is driving up costs; in many cases to an unacceptable level.

By leveraging CEC Healthcare's extensive experience in recruitment and resourcing we can help healthcare organisations overcome this issue.

CEC Healthcare has a network of trusted, qualified, and experienced coders who are available for contract or permanent positions. We will work with you to tailor resourcing solutions to match both your short and long term skill and resource needs.



  • Reduced recruitment and administrative costs

  • Experienced coders: all of our coders are qualified up to the National Clinical Coding Qualification

  • Up to date coding services as a result of coders regularly attending periodic refresher courses

  • Accurate coding resulting in timely revenue receipts

  • Improved workforce flexibility from employing coders on a contractual basis